Important Things to Know About 3D Online Courses

3D has a very high demand globally at present, and that is why many students are trying to master the craft. Although most people prefer to take 3D classes in a school or college physically, there are ways to get the same benefits online. In this article, we look at some of the basic aspects associated with 3D online courses.

Who offer 3D courses online?

There are free courses, as well as paid courses, for students who are interested in learning 3D online. Among free courses, MIT’s Computer Graphics and Algorithms for Computer Animation, Tufts University’s Blender 3D Design, courses offered by Digital Tutors, Learners TV etc. are significant. On the other hand, as far as paid courses are concerned, GNOMON brings 3D lessons straight from Hollywood. New York State Education Department Licensed 3DTi is another very good destination for online 3D learners. Further, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh offers a wide range of courses too.


Free courses VS paid courses

Students who are serious about learning 3D to work in the field professionally are better off opting for paid courses. Most free 3D online courses only offer videos, pictures and text information, and the possibility to interact with teachers live does not exist. On the other hand, while some paid courses offer certificates, there are certain courses that do not offer any kind of recognition. Still, most paid courses are far more interactive and engaging compared to free courses.

What to expect from online 3D classes?

First of all, basic requirements like having webcam, high speed internet, compatible system hardware etc. must be satisfied by a student in order to enjoy 3D classes online. Normally, an online course lasts anywhere between 10 weeks and 16 weeks, depending on whether a student is a beginner or an intermediate. Many of the online courses offer homework too. The good thing is, learning 3D online can be even better than learning it offline in certain cases. That is because certain top online courses teach the art of 3D keeping in mind the practical real-life demands of the industry.

Are 3D online courses suitable for everyone?

Even though most students are going to learn at least something after joining a good 3D course online, yet unless a student is self-motivated, he or she may not be able to do very well. The demands of attending an online school are not as high as attending a school physically; however, devoting a certain number of hours each week for effortful learning is still crucial.

Liam Carter

Liam Carter

I'm a graphic designer with an expertise period exceeding 10 years. I've worked with both 2D and 3D modeling and rendering technologies, courtesy of working at several capacities in the graphics design world. My most notable skills are proficiency in AutoCAD, Maya3D, and Adobe Designer Suite, OpenGL/GLUT/GLU graphic libraries and many similar packages.