3D Modeling and Rendering: Changing The World of Design

Those olden days when we used to spend hours sketching model structure designs related to any architectural structure using pencil is all gone. Presently, we are in a new generation, where there is the fusion of technology that assists in 3D rendering and modeling of different designs and makes them visualize in a very artistic way. These animations or 3D models are heavily used by fashion and construction world to enable individuals to see their ingenuity with a sensible approach such as textures, lighting’s and supplementary effects and colors to your buildings or landscape. It is important to note that these two unlike terms tell us about their own identity.

Long ago, we had sculptors who build different sculptures. They also would like to a have a mechanism that could make their hands to rest and work easier. Ultimately, the past is forgotten and the current techniques employed in 3D modeling are just astounding. These days software such as 3DS Max, soft image, Maya and other computer software make your job of modeling a structure quite easy and with the right textures as well as effects. They are packed with tools set that enables you design a model as per your creativity but in a form of computer representation. In addition, it has a number of forms such as surface, primitive, sub division, NURBS and polygonal modeling, which assist to design a model depending on the scenes. Soon after, designers create these models more beautifully with the needed touch ups in a 3D rendering stage.


The most-used design technique by current engineers is the 3D rendering. This is due to its artistic and practical option it offers to a model in a three-dimensional form. It has created a stir with the various angles it offers to the image together with animation effects, product modeling, set-ups and many more elements. It can be viewed in a number of forms, including exterior and interior rendering, material rendering, textured rendering or photo-realistic rendering. Each rendering type possesses unique features, and they definitely offer you a brilliant appeal. Exterior and interior rendering offer a day-and-night effect in a villa styled model with floor plan and water bodies. Photo-realistic rendering is the most ideal as it provides our bungalow, villa or company the needed look with texture, color and lighting combinations.

It is apparent that pragmatic human strength and thoughts lie in the origin. Likewise, 3D modeling and rendering are the basis, which determines the success of the company and the designer. It is a creative way to convey the thoughts of the company to lure people’s mind waiting to see something they like. It is a form of communication that makes you win the people’s hearts by adding an additional vision piece into the creativity. Furthermore, these are ideal methods as they disclose the professionalism and quality of the graphics you employ to give your organization an opportunity to be recognized among millions of people.


3D models have become the most powerful tool employed to market a firm, any product or any type of industry. When these types of 3D models are employed to do marketing, we refer to it as Digital marketing. 3D models are the most ideal way to display case your ideas, concepts and manufactured products, which help to attract the customers fully. By employing 3D modeling and rendering as a tool of marketing we can visually share, present as well as display our thoughts and concepts without communicating verbally with the clients. Thus, 3D marketing offers a perfect way to avoid approaching customers verbally, or using any other form of communication. 3D modeling and rendering services assist to improve the marketing efforts thereby help to attain the future targets easily. Digital marketing is currently considered the cheapest and simplest marketing method in any firm, including, designing, consulting, outsourcing among many others.

There many techniques of how to use 3D modeling and rendering as a tool for marketing in different firms: (i) Product manufacturing firm, where 3D models of final manufactured items can be used for marketing by displaying such goods in a striking way to customers. (ii). Architectural and Engineering Designing Firm. You can showcase different engineering and architectural 3D models created to their customers. (iii). Consulting and outsourcing firms, can employ 3D animations to give clearly ideas to customers about the ongoing activities upon receiving the inputs.