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3D Animations And Modeling Skills: 5 Top Tips That Can Help You Get Started!

These days the craze for animated movies and cartoons has caught on amongst movie lovers and Hollywood movie makers such that even the producers of such movies are falling head over heels in love with such productions.

Every producer and director I know is literally looking for a script writer or design freak that can help develop the next best selling animated character like Shriek, Snow-white which could help increase the line of diamond coins they can literally fill up in their pockets.

And film lovers and filmmakers are just one side of the market within this entertainment niche, there are literally several other segments of the market like Game Freaks and Game developers, Architects, Advertising and Brand Consultants, Graphic designers looking for people who can bring to live amazing concepts and ideas using 3D Animated designs and models.

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This is one skill that will always be in top demand if you’re smart enough to become a professional 3D artist. However, this will never be an easy feat to achieve.

The 3D craft is a very wide and complex one for anyone to master, though if you put in the efforts required to master it, you’ll reap the huge rewards attached and can even build a big career off this skill working on several outlets.

If you’ll like to get started and build a successful career off the 3D Animation Industry, there are several ways to get started. Here are my five top tips on getting started.

Step #1: Discover the 3D Animation and Modeling Industry

The first thing you’ll need to do is to learn all the basics you need to know about the 3D Animation and modeling industry. Some of the questions you’ll have to find answers to include: What are the various niches within the 3D animation or modeling industry? What’s hot? What’s new? What’s trending or outdated?

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Other questions your research into this industry should answer include: How does the industry work? Who are the leading or key firms within the industry? Who are the best designers or developers? What schools did they attend? Would they accept you as an intern or apprentice? Which are the best schools out there where you can easily learn 3D animations? Are there standards or regulations within the industry? Identify the where the money is within the industry?

When you have detailed insider information on how this industry works, then it makes it much easier for you to get started with it.

Step #2; Install any 3D Modeling and Animation Software like Maya

Your research in step one above would have helped you identify the major software apps or programs commonly used in the 3D modeling and animation industry.

Sometimes, it really helps when you have a good background in graphic designs using professional software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and many others.

Some of the software often used in 3D Modelling and animation designs include Autodesk Maya, AutoCAD, Autodesk 123D, Carrara, Blender, Cinema, Anim8or and many more.

If you’re doing this for the first time, you need to know that these software are very technical and be patient enough to sit with it, study it and get down to practicing whatever lessons you learn in the process of studying and learning.

Visit Udemy.com where you’ll find the best online courses available today,  there are some amazing high quality online lessons in every topic you can imagine for a very reasonable price. Read the course descriptions and the reviews to help you select the right one.

Here is a video example of what you can get out of a 3D online course:

3, Choose a Niche

You’ll do well to choose a specific career path in the 3D design industry from the start as it surely helps in simplifying your learning curves.

In this industry, you can decide to master the 3D computer graphics so you can become an expert in any one of the fields which include 3D Animation movie productions, 3D modelling for video games, architectural designs, 3D lighting, product designs or engineering.

3d niche

You’ll have to choose carefully because in the end, it’s your field of specialization or interests that determines the direction you’ll eventually take while learning 3D graphic design.

4, Build A Career Path Along That Niche

When you follow a structured path, it’s much easier building the relationships, garnering the resources and help you will need in your quest to become a pro in the 3D industry.

It also helps you stay focused on your goal and reduces the time you might have probably spent wasting away trying to find your feet in such a difficult industry.

5, Get Started Professional With An Internship

This is one of the best ways of garnering the right knowledge and experience you’ll ever need to master any field, especially one as complicated as the 3D animation and modelling industry.

Once you’ve developed the 3D animation and modelling skills you need, it’s time you’ll start considering being an apprentice or spending time working for the best firms or designers in your chosen niche to understand how the industry works in real time.

An internship will always give you a practical on field experience within the industry thus help reduce the time you would have spent trying to figure things out within the industry yourself.

So there you have it, top five ways to get started in the animation industry.

Liam Carter

Liam Carter

I'm a graphic designer with an expertise period exceeding 10 years. I've worked with both 2D and 3D modeling and rendering technologies, courtesy of working at several capacities in the graphics design world. My most notable skills are proficiency in AutoCAD, Maya3D, and Adobe Designer Suite, OpenGL/GLUT/GLU graphic libraries and many similar packages.