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Introducing the Autodesk 3D Printer

There are several companies right now such as MakerBot and 3D Systems that are producing lower-end 3D printers which make them accessible to a wide range of people. However, they will now have another printer to compete with that’s being made by Autodesk.

Autodesk has just recently announced that it is introducing a 3D printer that includes an open-software 3D printing platform which is called Spark. The printer along with the software platform will be available soon and are expected to be somewhere in the $5,000 range.

Autodesk is making it their goal to become the go-to provider for more advanced 3D printing enthusiasts in addition to those who utilize 3D printers for business reasons. The company stated that their software combined with the printer will “provide the building blocks that product designers, hardware manufacturers, software developers, and materials scientists can use to continue to explore the limits of 3D printing technology.”

It is estimated that the 3D printing market is currently worth around $2.5 billion, but is expected to reach as high as $16.2 billion in the next 5 years.

3d printerIn terms of competition, the Autodesk has to content against MakerBot’s Replicator 2X which costs around $2,500 and the 3D System’s Cube 3 which is about $1,000. Despite the large price difference between these 3D printers and Autodesk’s latest addition, it is expected to give these other companies a good run for their money because of the number of additional programs they offer.

One of the things that Autodesk has is the 123D suite full of modeling tools which includes AutoCAD, which has been a mainstay for both designers and modelers since its initial introduction. A huge benefit of Autodesk is that their software and hardware are being sold with an “open and freely licensable” design, so that anyone can see exactly how it works, experiment with it, and make changes.

The reason for this is that they want people to be able to make improvements and continue to freely develop this fairly new technology. This is also a huge selling points as businesses who are looking to utilize 3D printing in their design and development have the ability to make modifications that will allow them to use their Autodesk 3D printer how they want and to make changes so that it will better suit their needs.

Important Things to Know About 3D Online Courses

3D has a very high demand globally at present, and that is why many students are trying to master the craft. Although most people prefer to take 3D classes in a school or college physically, there are ways to get the same benefits online. In this article, we look at some of the basic aspects associated with 3D online courses.

Who offer 3D courses online?

There are free courses, as well as paid courses, for students who are interested in learning 3D online. Among free courses, MIT’s Computer Graphics and Algorithms for Computer Animation, Tufts University’s Blender 3D Design, courses offered by Digital Tutors, Learners TV etc. are significant. On the other hand, as far as paid courses are concerned, GNOMON brings 3D lessons straight from Hollywood. New York State Education Department Licensed 3DTi is another very good destination for online 3D learners. Further, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh offers a wide range of courses too.


Free courses VS paid courses

Students who are serious about learning 3D to work in the field professionally are better off opting for paid courses. Most free 3D online courses only offer videos, pictures and text information, and the possibility to interact with teachers live does not exist. On the other hand, while some paid courses offer certificates, there are certain courses that do not offer any kind of recognition. Still, most paid courses are far more interactive and engaging compared to free courses.

What to expect from online 3D classes?

First of all, basic requirements like having webcam, high speed internet, compatible system hardware etc. must be satisfied by a student in order to enjoy 3D classes online. Normally, an online course lasts anywhere between 10 weeks and 16 weeks, depending on whether a student is a beginner or an intermediate. Many of the online courses offer homework too. The good thing is, learning 3D online can be even better than learning it offline in certain cases. That is because certain top online courses teach the art of 3D keeping in mind the practical real-life demands of the industry.

Are 3D online courses suitable for everyone?

Even though most students are going to learn at least something after joining a good 3D course online, yet unless a student is self-motivated, he or she may not be able to do very well. The demands of attending an online school are not as high as attending a school physically; however, devoting a certain number of hours each week for effortful learning is still crucial.

3d modeling and animation

3D Animations And Modeling Skills: 5 Top Tips That Can Help You Get Started!

These days the craze for animated movies and cartoons has caught on amongst movie lovers and Hollywood movie makers such that even the producers of such movies are falling head over heels in love with such productions.

Every producer and director I know is literally looking for a script writer or design freak that can help develop the next best selling animated character like Shriek, Snow-white which could help increase the line of diamond coins they can literally fill up in their pockets.

And film lovers and filmmakers are just one side of the market within this entertainment niche, there are literally several other segments of the market like Game Freaks and Game developers, Architects, Advertising and Brand Consultants, Graphic designers looking for people who can bring to live amazing concepts and ideas using 3D Animated designs and models.

3d model plane

This is one skill that will always be in top demand if you’re smart enough to become a professional 3D artist. However, this will never be an easy feat to achieve.

The 3D craft is a very wide and complex one for anyone to master, though if you put in the efforts required to master it, you’ll reap the huge rewards attached and can even build a big career off this skill working on several outlets.

If you’ll like to get started and build a successful career off the 3D Animation Industry, there are several ways to get started. Here are my five top tips on getting started.

Step #1: Discover the 3D Animation and Modeling Industry

The first thing you’ll need to do is to learn all the basics you need to know about the 3D Animation and modeling industry. Some of the questions you’ll have to find answers to include: What are the various niches within the 3D animation or modeling industry? What’s hot? What’s new? What’s trending or outdated?

3d rendering

Other questions your research into this industry should answer include: How does the industry work? Who are the leading or key firms within the industry? Who are the best designers or developers? What schools did they attend? Would they accept you as an intern or apprentice? Which are the best schools out there where you can easily learn 3D animations? Are there standards or regulations within the industry? Identify the where the money is within the industry?

When you have detailed insider information on how this industry works, then it makes it much easier for you to get started with it.

Step #2; Install any 3D Modeling and Animation Software like Maya

Your research in step one above would have helped you identify the major software apps or programs commonly used in the 3D modeling and animation industry.

Sometimes, it really helps when you have a good background in graphic designs using professional software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and many others.

Some of the software often used in 3D Modelling and animation designs include Autodesk Maya, AutoCAD, Autodesk 123D, Carrara, Blender, Cinema, Anim8or and many more.

If you’re doing this for the first time, you need to know that these software are very technical and be patient enough to sit with it, study it and get down to practicing whatever lessons you learn in the process of studying and learning.

Visit Udemy.com where you’ll find the best online courses available today,  there are some amazing high quality online lessons in every topic you can imagine for a very reasonable price. Read the course descriptions and the reviews to help you select the right one.

Here is a video example of what you can get out of a 3D online course:

3, Choose a Niche

You’ll do well to choose a specific career path in the 3D design industry from the start as it surely helps in simplifying your learning curves.

In this industry, you can decide to master the 3D computer graphics so you can become an expert in any one of the fields which include 3D Animation movie productions, 3D modelling for video games, architectural designs, 3D lighting, product designs or engineering.

3d niche

You’ll have to choose carefully because in the end, it’s your field of specialization or interests that determines the direction you’ll eventually take while learning 3D graphic design.

4, Build A Career Path Along That Niche

When you follow a structured path, it’s much easier building the relationships, garnering the resources and help you will need in your quest to become a pro in the 3D industry.

It also helps you stay focused on your goal and reduces the time you might have probably spent wasting away trying to find your feet in such a difficult industry.

5, Get Started Professional With An Internship

This is one of the best ways of garnering the right knowledge and experience you’ll ever need to master any field, especially one as complicated as the 3D animation and modelling industry.

Once you’ve developed the 3D animation and modelling skills you need, it’s time you’ll start considering being an apprentice or spending time working for the best firms or designers in your chosen niche to understand how the industry works in real time.

An internship will always give you a practical on field experience within the industry thus help reduce the time you would have spent trying to figure things out within the industry yourself.

So there you have it, top five ways to get started in the animation industry.


Three College Courses That Rely On 3D Modeling Lessons

It is much easier for the human mind to interpret graphical messages, as opposed to sounds or words. And that is why in today’s world, 3D graphics modeling has become a basic communication skill. Any individual interested in expressing any abstract ideas must seriously consider pursuing 3D modeling courses. Now considering that graphics design is still a wide green field, getting a perfect customize course fitted for your expression needs may be a big challenge. For this reason, many major college courses have been tailored to incorporate a uniquely specialized 3D modeling lessons. Here are three study courses that have done it successfully.

1. Classical Engineering Courses

engineeringNo engineer is considered one, unless he/she has mastered 3D designs modeling, since it is the only way an engineer can communicate successfully to their clients. This is why undergraduates in this field spend a lot of time studying graphics modeling theories. The heavier version of engineering courses, such as architectural, geo spatial, mechanical and civil engineering, have more detailed 3d modeling classes, as compared to the lighter ones, namely telecommunications and electrical engineering.

It is only engineers that get a chance to study 3D modeling in both traditional (paper based learning) and modern (software based learning) approaches. This makes them the cream of the crop in the design field.

2. Computer Science and IT related courses

computer scienceThe second group of courses that rely heavily on 3D modeling skills is computing and information technology. A good computer scientist or IT expert needs to have competent computer graphics skills. This will help them make good user interfaces for all the applications they make.

Owing to the fact that computer programming originates in this study fields, CS and IT students get the chance to study software graphics design deeply. In some cases, they will be required to develop their own graphics software.

3. Medicine and Health related course

medicineIn comparison to the two course groups above, the case is slightly different. Students in this field are probably the biggest consumers of 3D graphics modeling than any other courses. Thus, a medicine student must study graphics design, not because they want to develop new designs, but because it’s important for them to understand the process used to create their learning material. Such a group of student will only get the basic lessons.

In conclusion, it should be noted that graphics design also exist in some colleges as a separate course of its own.Individuals who desire to specialize in 3D modeling, should consider enrolling for this course.


3D Modeling and Rendering: Changing The World of Design

Those olden days when we used to spend hours sketching model structure designs related to any architectural structure using pencil is all gone. Presently, we are in a new generation, where there is the fusion of technology that assists in 3D rendering and modeling of different designs and makes them visualize in a very artistic way. These animations or 3D models are heavily used by fashion and construction world to enable individuals to see their ingenuity with a sensible approach such as textures, lighting’s and supplementary effects and colors to your buildings or landscape. It is important to note that these two unlike terms tell us about their own identity.

Long ago, we had sculptors who build different sculptures. They also would like to a have a mechanism that could make their hands to rest and work easier. Ultimately, the past is forgotten and the current techniques employed in 3D modeling are just astounding. These days software such as 3DS Max, soft image, Maya and other computer software make your job of modeling a structure quite easy and with the right textures as well as effects. They are packed with tools set that enables you design a model as per your creativity but in a form of computer representation. In addition, it has a number of forms such as surface, primitive, sub division, NURBS and polygonal modeling, which assist to design a model depending on the scenes. Soon after, designers create these models more beautifully with the needed touch ups in a 3D rendering stage.


The most-used design technique by current engineers is the 3D rendering. This is due to its artistic and practical option it offers to a model in a three-dimensional form. It has created a stir with the various angles it offers to the image together with animation effects, product modeling, set-ups and many more elements. It can be viewed in a number of forms, including exterior and interior rendering, material rendering, textured rendering or photo-realistic rendering. Each rendering type possesses unique features, and they definitely offer you a brilliant appeal. Exterior and interior rendering offer a day-and-night effect in a villa styled model with floor plan and water bodies. Photo-realistic rendering is the most ideal as it provides our bungalow, villa or company the needed look with texture, color and lighting combinations.

It is apparent that pragmatic human strength and thoughts lie in the origin. Likewise, 3D modeling and rendering are the basis, which determines the success of the company and the designer. It is a creative way to convey the thoughts of the company to lure people’s mind waiting to see something they like. It is a form of communication that makes you win the people’s hearts by adding an additional vision piece into the creativity. Furthermore, these are ideal methods as they disclose the professionalism and quality of the graphics you employ to give your organization an opportunity to be recognized among millions of people.


3D models have become the most powerful tool employed to market a firm, any product or any type of industry. When these types of 3D models are employed to do marketing, we refer to it as Digital marketing. 3D models are the most ideal way to display case your ideas, concepts and manufactured products, which help to attract the customers fully. By employing 3D modeling and rendering as a tool of marketing we can visually share, present as well as display our thoughts and concepts without communicating verbally with the clients. Thus, 3D marketing offers a perfect way to avoid approaching customers verbally, or using any other form of communication. 3D modeling and rendering services assist to improve the marketing efforts thereby help to attain the future targets easily. Digital marketing is currently considered the cheapest and simplest marketing method in any firm, including, designing, consulting, outsourcing among many others.

There many techniques of how to use 3D modeling and rendering as a tool for marketing in different firms: (i) Product manufacturing firm, where 3D models of final manufactured items can be used for marketing by displaying such goods in a striking way to customers. (ii). Architectural and Engineering Designing Firm. You can showcase different engineering and architectural 3D models created to their customers. (iii). Consulting and outsourcing firms, can employ 3D animations to give clearly ideas to customers about the ongoing activities upon receiving the inputs.